Familia Löco

Nuestra Familia

Somos una familia de LOCÖS amantes destinados a encontrarnos con el LOCÖ mundo, y contribuimos con nuestro cuidadoso proceso de elaboración a hacer un mundo mejor.

Desde El Corazón de Andalucía, hacemos familia al andar

Our Family

Our Family

LOCÖ Royal, Lucio and Picual varieties, our family, crazy lovers of life and our world
destined to find each other. It´s the result of a careful selection and care of our olive
trees, its fruits and a careful production process.

Our values

The key values that move LOCÖ family arise from each day learning to understand and nurture each other from its best perspective. So from this symbiosis is born our rich elixir of organoleptic and healthy properties beneficial for the care of the skin, heart and immune system, it is also extracted from a set of alive olive groves, reconciled with life, that take care of biodiversity: LIFE European project “Alive olive groves. We move by the values of our own product: love, care, build internal beauty so that it is expressed outside.